PROMETHEE Academy 202x

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Before the PROMETHEE Days workshop

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A multicriteria decision aid two-day course taught in English and focusing on the use of the PROMETHEE methods and the associated Visual PROMETHEE software.


Attendants will learn how to properly use the PROMETHEE methods in all decision problems.

All attendants will be granted an unrestricted Visual PROMETHEE Business Edition license.

Practicals will be coached in small groups of maximum 6 persons each with the help of experienced assistants.


Who are the teachers:


  • Professor Bertrand Mareschal (ULB, Brussels, Belgium), co-author of the PROMETHEE-GAIA methodology and lead architect of PROMETHEE-based software, and
  • Professor Jean-Philippe Waaub (GERAD and UQAM, Montréal, Canada) will share their unique experience of over 20 years using PROMETHEE methods in various fields.
  • Professor Jean-Pierre Brans (VUB, Brussels, Belgium) the father of the  PROMETHEE methods will be a guest speaker.


Who should attend:

Decision-makers from private and public sectors, consultants, students, stakeholders, …

No specific background is required.



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