A full Multicriteria Decision Aid course

with a PROMETHEE flavor

How to make good decisions when you have to consider several often conflicting criteria such as for instance investment cost, operation cost, quality, rate of return, manpower, risks, energy use, impacts ? PROMETHEE is one of the most widely used multicriteria decision aid methodology. It helps those who are involved in decision making to make better decisions when several conflicting criteria have to be taken into account. It helps you to achieve more sustainable decisions. It has a lot of applications ranging from business management, industrial and technology assessment, to public policy, planning, natural resource management and health care problems.

With well over 2000 scientific references available in the PROMETHEE Bibliographical Database, the PROMETHEE methods have a solid worldwide scientific background. PROMETHEE is flexible and can be adapted to many decision situations. Moreover, the full featured Visual PROMETHEE software includes unique visual decision and sensitivity analysis tools that are essential to the improvement of decision making processes.

The PROMETHEE Academy 202x is a multicriteria decision aid two-day course focusing on the use of the PROMETHEE methods and their associated Visual PROMETHEE software. Attendants will learn how to properly use the PROMETHEE methods in all their decision problems. All attendants will be granted an unrestricted Visual PROMETHEE Business Edition license.

The PROMETHEE Academy is unique as it is organized and run by worldwide renowned PROMETHEE experts:

  • Professor Jean-Pierre Brans, the father of the PROMETHEE methods, from VUB, Brussels, Belgium, will be in Montréal as a guest speaker, to meet you and to give you his advice.
  • Professor Bertrand Mareschal, co-author of the PROMETHEE-GAIA methodology and lead architect of PROMETHEE-based software, from ULB, Brussels, Belgium, will lead the course.
  • Professor Jean-Philippe Waaub, from GERAD and UQAM, Montréal, Canada, will share his unique 20-year experience using PROMETHEE methods in various fields.


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