It started in Brussels:

The first International Multicriteria Workshop devoted to the PROMETHEE methods was organized in January 2014, in Brussels, by Professor Cathy Macharis (VUB, Belgium). It was a success and it has been followed by a second workshop organized in January 2015, in Brussels again, by Professor Yves De Smet (ULB, Belgium). The third workshop was organized by Professor Jean-Philippe Waaub (UQAM, Canada) in Montréal in May 2016. The name “PROMETHEE Days” was introduced in 2016 to clearly set the focus on the PROMETHEE methods and to increase the visibility of the workshops.


The PROMETHEE Days workshops are organized every year. They are a great opportunity for researchers and practitioners, for experts and newcomers, for all persons interested by the PROMETHEE methods, to share their experience and to learn the latest developments of the methods. As much as possible, a single stream of paper presentations is scheduled so that participants can assist to all the presentations. Time is also allocated for discussion and social events.


Papers related to theoretical developments, comparative analyses or practical applications of the PROMETHEE methods are welcome. The best paper presented during the workshop is granted the Jean-Pierre Brans PROMETHEE Award” and all participants have the opportunity to submit full versions of their papers for a special issue of a dedicated journal.


Starting in 2024, there will be PROMETHEE Days East meetings organized in Eastern countries, in order to make it easier for participants from China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Australia and other countries in the region to attend the meetings. The first PROMETHEE Days East meeting will take place in Pune, India, in December 2024.



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