e-Rabat, Morocco, June 2-5, 2020


Welcome to a virtual visit of Rabat

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and one of the largest cities in the country, with about 1.2 million people living in its metropolitan area. It is one of four Imperial Cities of Morocco, and the medina of Rabat is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Rabat is located on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg. On the facing shore of the river lies the city of Salé, where the Rabat International Airport is located.

The brand new HST (TGV) railway line is linking Rabat to Tangier to the North and Casablanca to the South, making international access very easy, either from Casablanca Mohammed V International airport (CMN - https://www.casablanca-airport.com), or from Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport (TNG - http://tangier-airport.com), or directly from Rabat International Airport (RBA - http://www.aeroportrabat.com).


There are many reasons to visit Rabat:

  • Rabat is the capital city of Morocco: it hosts most administrative offices and many academic institutions. But it is also a living city with many bars, restaurants and shopping areas.


  • The city has very interesting historical places to visit:
    • The Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V form an important historical and tourist complex in Rabat.

    • The Kasbah of the Udayas is also a very nice historical place to visit.

    • Chellah is the place to go to see storks… and Roman vestiges.

    • Rabat is close to major Moroccan cities such as Casablanca, Meknès, Fèz, Tangier and Marrakech. A good place to start visiting the country.

Here are two useful documents to help you to prepare your visit to Morocco:

For more information on Rabat, please visit the regional tourism website:




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